The Boeing 767 in 2014

The most succesfull model was the 767-300ER of which over 500 have been delivered. By end 2014 this model remains in fleets as follows:

58 by Delta

58 by American

35 by United

35 by All Nippon Airways

31 by LAN

30 by Japan Airlines

29 by Air Canada

21 by British Airways

18 by Nordwind

16 by Transaero

12 by Condor

10 by Ethiopian

9 by Uzbekistan Airways

9 by TAM

6 by Austrian

6 by El Al

5 by Qantas

5 by Air New Zealand

5 by Thomson Airways

5 by Royal Air Maroc

3 by Aeromexico

4 by Arkefly

4 by Ukraine International

3 by Air Astana

3 by Hainan

3 by Shanghai airlines

3 by Blue Panorama

2 by S7 Airlines

2 by Boliviana de Aviation

That's a total of 404 airlines.

Boeing 767-300ER

With massive deliveries of Boeing 787-8 and 787-9 Dreamliners, the 767 is making it's way out of airline fleets in 2014.

The 767-400ER was only delivered to Delta (21) and Continental (16) (United). They still fly them.

The 767-300 is still in service by the end of 2014 as follows:

22 by Ana

17 by Jal

16 by Delta

7 by Asiana

4 by Shanghai airlines

3 by Air Algerie

The 767-200ER is totally on it's way out in 2014 was we can only find 5 with US Airways, 5 with UT Air and 2 with Aeromexico and 2 more with Transaero and 1 with Boliviana de Aviation

Boeing 767-200ER

Conclusion: by the end of 2014 the days of the Boeing 767 are numbered, just like those of the Boeing 747. The 767 was no match for the Airbus A330. That's why Boeing developed the 787 Dreamliners. I would say that the 787 Dreamliners are arriving night now when the 767s have to go.

If the 767 is disappearing in 2014, the Boeing 757 which was developed along the  767 has already almost vanished by the  end of 2014.

Boeing in 2014

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