The Boeing 777-200(ER) in 2014

The 777-200ER remains better than the A340-300 in 2014, although you can get a better airliner with the 777-300ER if you can use the capacity or you could have ordered the A330-300 as it's range got better over the years.

In december 2014 the 777-200(ER) remains in service as follows:

74 by United

47 by American Airlines

46 by British Airways

28 by All Nippon Airways

27 by Singapore Airlines

26 by Japan Airlines

25 by Air France

23 by Saudi Arabian

18 by Korean Air

15 by KLM

14 by Thai

13 by Malaysia Airlines

10 by Alitalia

8 by Air New Zealand

8 by Vietnam Airlines

8 by Delta

7 by Transaero

7 by Emirates

6 by El Al

6 by Scoot

5 by Cathay Pacific

5 by Austrian

4 by Kenya Airways

4 by Egypt Air

4 by China Southern

4 by Pakistan International Airlines

4 by Aeromexico

3 by Taag Angola

3 by Nordwind

2 by Biman Bangladesh

2 by Kuwait Airways

Boeing 777-200ER

In the numbers above the initial 777-200 is included. Separate numbers for the 777-200 are as follows:

19 by United

16 by All Nippon Airways

15 by Japan Airlines

14 by Singapore Airlines

8 by Thai

5 by Cathay Pacific

4 by China Southern

3 by British Airways

1 by Emirates

Still 85 Boeing 777-200 airliners active in 2014. Only 88 have ever been delivered and last delivery was in 2007. Not bad for the 777-200. Or maybe some 777-200ER got derated?

With a total of 453 777-200(ER) airliners found, at least 368 Boeing 777-200ER remain active in 2014. This is out of a total of 422 deliveries of a Boeing 777-200ER which Boeing did till 2014. Probably there are a few more airlines flying it. Anyway the 777-200(ER) is a better airliner in 2014 than the A340-300.

China Southern

Conclusion: these 777-200(ER) can stay some time to come after 2014. There won't be any more ordered, as the 777-300ER is better if you can use the capacity and you could also have ordered the A330-300 as it's range got better over the years. From 2014 onwards B787-9, A350-9 are better airliners to order.

Boeing in 2014

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