The Boeing 777-200LR in 2014

10 by Emirates

10 by Delta

9 by Qatar

6 by Ethiopian

6 by Air Canada

5 by Etihad

3 by Air India

2 by PIA

1 by Air Austral

With at least 52 airliners the 777-200LR is doing much better than the Airbus A340-500. The 777-200LR was developed together with the 777-300ER in the same way the A340-600 and A340-500 were developed together earlier. What should also be taken into account is that the 777-F was also develped simultaneously and that is a very succesfull freighter with exceptional range.

Boeing in 2014

Boeing 777-200LR

777-200LR routes

Altanta-Johannesburg (13.583 km) with Delta

Altanta-Dubai with Delta

Dubai-Houston with Emirates

Dubai-Rio de Janeiro (11.883 km) - Buenos Aires with Emirates

Doha-Miami (12.340 km) with Qatar

Doha-Houston with Qatar

Los Angeles-Sydney with Delta

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