The Boeing 777-300 in 2014

Boeing delivered 60 B777-300 airliners between 1998 and 2006. Most of the original buyers still hold on to those airliners in 2014. It seems 60 of those 60 are still in service in 2014, as follows:

12 by Emirates (364 seats)

12 by Cathey Pacific (398 seats) A350-1000 is the replacement aircraft

7 by Japan Airlines (500 seats)

7 by All Nippon Airways (514 seats)

7 by Singapore airlines (284 seats)

6 by Thai (364 seats)

5 by Transaero (371 seats)

4 by Korean Air (338 seats)

The 777-300 was developed with the 777-200(ER), but has less range.

From 2004 the 777-300ER got the capacity and range together.

Remarkable is that all airlines buying and flying these big medium range jets are based in Asia. Probably there are too few city pairs in Asia to connect in 2014 to have several daily 737 or A320 do the job. Just like there is Widebody service to Perth in Australia in 2014.

So the 777-300 had the capacity of a 747 but lacked the range. Once Boeing brought the 777-300ER to the market in 2004, airlines bought it massively to replace the 747-400. By the end of 2014 almost all 747 had gone.

A good alternative to Asian carriers for the B777-300 was the A330-300.

Boeing in 2014

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