The Boeing 777-300ER in 2014

In december 2014 at least 552 Boeing 777-300ER airliners are in service as follows:

102 by Emirates

47 by Cathey Pacific

37 by Air France

27 by Qatar

23 by Etihad

23 by Singapore airlines

20 by Air China

19 by ANA

18 by EVA air

18 by Turkish Airlines

17 by Air Canada

16 by American Airlines

14 by Saudi Arabian

13 by Japan Airlines

13 by Korean Air

12 by British Airways

12 by Air India

11 by Thai

10 by Jet Airways

10 by Aeroflot

10 by TAM

8 by KLM

7 by Air New Zealand

6 by Egyptair

6 by Philippine Airlines

6 by Garuda Indonesia

5 by China Southern Airlines

5 by Virgin Australia

4 by China Eastern

5 by China Soutern

4 by Biman Bangladesh

3 by China Airlines

3 by Kenya Airlines

3 by Pakistan International airlines

3 by Taag Angola

3 by Air Austral

Boeing 777-300ER

The Boeing 777-300ER gets pleny of orders, while Airbus A380-800 dried up in 2014, with not a single order. The Boeing 777-300ER got 39 orders in 2014.

Conclusion: the Boeing 777-300ER in 2014 has replaced the Boeing 747-400. The initial 777-300 had the capacity but lacked the range to do that. There are at least 533 B777-300ER in service in december 2014, and in total around 624 Boeing 747-400 have been produced, of which around 245 remain in service in december 2014. The 777-300ER replaced the 747-400 and made the A340-600 obsolete.

Together with the 777-300ER the 777-200LR was developed, with less capacity but more range. Same wing , same engines.

Economy seating: In 2014 only a few 777-300ER have 9-abrest in economy. And even within an airline, there might also ben 9- and 10-abrest seating in economy. Your best chance for 9-abreast are with the following airlines:

British Airways

Cathay Pacific

Singapore Airlines

Korean Air



Air China


Air Canada

Virgin Australia

The range of the 777-300ER is impressive and it can fly it with a payload.

Hong Kong-New York (12.970 km) with Cathey Pacific

Taipei-New York (12.545 km) with EVA Air

Delhi-Chicago (12.021 km) with Air India

San Francisco-Hong Kong (11.128 km) with Singapore Airlines

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