British Airways in 2014

Still 55 747-400 left in the fleet, and only 8 A380-800 and 12 Boeing 777-300ER.

Their 46 Boeing 777-200(ER) can stay some time.

Their 767-300ER are being replaced with 787-8 Dreamliners, except the 767 that fly to Paris and Amsterdam short haul. Those will be replaced with A321.

Still 19 737-400 left in the fleet, but with 121 airliners the A320 family is what really matters.

British Airways

London-Rio de Janeiro with 777-300ER

London-Buenos Aires with 772

London-Hong Kong with 388

London-Johannesburg with 388

London-Los Angeles with 388

London-Washington with 388

London-Orlando with 772

London-Nassau with 767-300ER

London-Bermuda with 772

London-Antigua-Basse Terre with 772

London-Vieux Fort-Port of Spain with 772

London-Kingston with 772

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