Cathay Pacific in 2014

47 Boeing 777-300ER airliners, but no A380. By comparison Singapore Airlines hass less 777-300ER, but does have the A380

11 A340-300, but all A340-600 have gone. The 7 remaining 747-400 with Cathay Pacific will be phased out.

40 Airbus A330-300 airliners. They also still fly 12 Boeing 777-300 and 5 Boeing 777-200 but no 777-200ER.

5-star airline. Subsidiaries: Dragonair

Cathay Pacific

Hong Kong-San Francisco with 777-300ER

Hong Kong-Chicago with 777-300ER

Hong Kong-New York (12.970 km) with 777-300ER

Hong Kong-Denpasar (3.456 km) with 777-300

Hong Kong-Auckland (9.170 km) with 343

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