Delta Airlines in 2014

58 767-300ER and 21 767-400ER together with the 32 ex-Northwest 330 (11 A330-200 and 21 A330-300) are the workhoses for the intercontinental routes.

8 777-200ER and 10 777-200LR can help where range, capacity and/or payload is needed. 11 747-400 (ex-Northwest) remain by the end of 2014, but are on their way out.

Delta seems to be flying 114 Boeing 737 airliners, 73 of which are 737-800 and 31 are 737-900ER and just 10 are -700 models.

They also fly 126 Airbus A320 family airliners which are 69 A320 and 57 A319. They have 45 A321 on order.

On top of these massive Narrowbody 737 and A320 fleets, they still fly massive MD fleets as follows: 117 MD-88 (149 seats) and 65 MD-90-30 (160 seats)

On top of all this Delta still flies a massive Boeing 757 fleet of 140 airliners by the end of 2014, all of which are for domestic use exept 18 which are for international flights and can even go transatlantic. Northwest had a hub in Tokyo to connect to Asia.

Delta Airlines


Atlanta-Honolulu with 333

Altanta-Johannesburg (13.583 km) with 77L

Atlanta-Lagos (9.395 km) with 767-300ER

Atlanta-London with 764


Atlanta-Sao Paulo with 764



Detroit-Amsterdam with 764 or 333


Detroit-Frankfurt with 764



Detroit-Seoul with 744

Detroit-Shanghai (11.462 km) with 744


Los Angeles-Sydney with 77L

Minneapolis-Amsterdam (6.685 km)-Mumbai with 333

Minneapolis-Paris with 333

New York-Dublin with 764

New York-London

New York-Milan with 764

New York-Nice

New York-Rome

New York-Tel Aviv with 772ER

New York-Tokyo-Singapore with 772ER

New York-Zurich

Seattle-Beijing with 332

Seattle-Hong Kong with 332


Seattle-Shanghai with 332

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