Qantas in 2014

26 Airbus A330 of which 16 are A330-200 and 10 A330-300.

They still fly 13 Boeing 747 of which 7 are B747-400 and 6 the only 6 Boeing 747-400ER ever produced.

They fly 12 Airbus A380 but the last 8 extra orders have been postponed. In 2010 a Qantas A380 blew one of it's Rolls Royce engines.

75 Boeing 737-800

Subsidiaries: Jetstar They have a partnership with Emirates

Brisbane-Los Angeles-New York with 747-400ER

Melbourne-Dubai-London with A388

Melbourne-Los Angeles with A388 and 744

Sydney-Canberra with Q400

Sydney-Dubai-London with A388

Sydney-Dallas (13.808 km) with A388

Sydney-Hong Kong with 744

Sydney-Johannesburg with 744

Sydney-Los Angeles with A388

Sydeney-Los Angeles-New York with 744

Sydney-Perth with A332 7x daily

Sydney-Santiago de Chili with 744

Sydney-Tokyo with 744
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