US Airways in 2014

265 Airbus A320 family airliners of which 109 A321, 93 A319 and 63 A320.

24 A330 of which 15 are A330-200 and 9 A330-300.

24 Boeing 757-200 of which 15 are international with 176 seats which will stay till 2018-2020.

Still 5 Boeing 767-200ER left, to be retired in 2015.

20 Embraer E-190

There's not a single 737 left in the fleet. They have 22 A350-900 on order. Part of their A320 family fleet is coming from America West.
Merged with American Airlines and Dough Parker is president. He originally came from America West. They fly from Philadelphia.

US Airways

Philadelphia-Brussels with 757-200

Philadelphia-Amsterdam with 767-200ER

Philadelphia-Madrid with A330-200

Philadelphia-Frankfurt (6.338 km) with 332


Philadelphia-Rome with 332

Philadelphia-Londen with 332

Philadelphia-Manchester (uk) with 332

Philadelphia-Paris with 332

Philadelphia-Tel Aviv (9.268 km) with 332

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