Airports of Brussels in 2002

Airports of Brussels


Brussels airlines at Brussels airport
Brussels airport (BRU) has a new airport building opened around 2002. With pier A gates for the Schengen countries (European destinations).

In 2002 at Brussels airport, a new carrier was formed, called sn Brussels airlines. They had 32 avro jet aircraft and engaged a selection of the staff of the Belgian national carrier Sabena which was bankrupted in 2001 after a take-over by Swiss.

In 2002 Virgin Express had a fleet of mainly Boeing 737-300 flying from Brussels to Nice, Barcelona, Madrid, Rome, Milan, Copenhagen, ...  They were competitors to Sabena and sn Brussels airlines. Later Virgin Express was taken over by Brussels airlines.

Ryanair in Charleroi
At the same time in 2002 Ryanair is getting off the ground at Brussels South Airport (CLR). In Charleroi (CLR) they still use to old very small terminal, but a brand new much larger terminal is in preparation.

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