airports of Amsterdam

Continental airlines flies the Boeing 767-400ER to Amsterdam Schiphol airport.

Continental airlines Boeing 767-400

In november 2003 around noon this Continental airlines Boeing 767-400ER was standing at a gate in Amsterdam (Schiphol airport - AMS).

In 2008 Continental airlines has 16 Boeing 767-400ER, which is exactly the number of 767-400ER they took from Boeing.

The Continental airlines Boeing 767-400ER can take up to 256 passengers in a 2-class configuration (20/236). The number of passengers decreases to 235 if the number of better class seats increases to 35 (35/200).

Continental airlines also flies the larger Boeing 777-200ER to Amsterdam in 2003.

One of the differences between a 777-200ER and a 767-400ER is that only the last one has ranked wingtips. This is the reason why I think it's a 767-400ER on the image above. The image was taked on the same day and in the same location of the airport as the image of the Boeing 777-200ER, but it's certaily not the same Continental aircraft, as the company name is written on a different place on the fuselage.

In december 2008 Continental airlines has an all Boeing fleet of 352 aircraft.

Very few Boeing 747-400ER have been produced. Continental recieved 16 and Delta 21. In 2008 a VIP customer recieved 1, which brings the total to only 38 aircraft. The reason for this is that most airlines bought the Airbus A330, untill Boeing introduced the Dreamliner Boeing 787 concept in 2004. This airliner had over 787 orders before it had flown.

airports of Amsterdam

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