airports of Amsterdam

In 2003 KLM has 8 Boeing 747-300.

KLM Boeing 747-300 in Amsterdam

In november 2003 around noon this KLM Boeing 747-300 was standing at a gate in Amsterdam (Schiphol airport - AMS).

The Boeing company delivered only 3 Boeing 747-300M to KLM (1983/1984/1986). The M stands for Combi (mixed cargo and passengers on the main deck).

In 2003 KLM has 8 Boeing 747-300 aircraft. These aricraft were leaving the KLM fleet in 2003 at the same time the Boeing 777-200ER was being added to the KLM fleet.

In 2003 KLM had 22 Boeing 747-400 in their fleet, which they still had in their fleet in 2009.

Boeing 747-300

airports of Amsterdam

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