airports of Amsterdam

In 2003 Amsterdam Schiphol airport (AMS) is home to 22 KLM Boeing 747-400. But only 5 of them are full pax 747. The other 17 are combi 747.

KLM city of Nairobi B747-400

In november 2003 around noon this KLM Boeing 747-400, name City of Nairobi was standing at a gate in Amsterdam (Schiphol airport - AMS).

KLM stand for Royal Dutch Airlines. In dutch: Koninklijke Luchtvaartmaatschappij.

KLM Boeing 747-400

In 2003 KLM had 22 Boeing 747-400 in their fleet, which they still had in 2009. 17 of these 22 aircraft are combi 747-400 aircraft, which can carry 280 passengers, while the 5 full pax 747-400 aircraft can take 428 passengers.

In 2009 KLM also has already 4 Boeing 747-400ERF aircraft, which are dedicated to cargo only.

airports of Amsterdam

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