Brussels airports

Air Baltic flies twice almost every day of the week between Brussels and Riga in 2009. One flight is in the morning and one in the evening.

Flighttime between Brussels and Riga is 2 hours 30 minutes.

Air Baltic has a 10 Boeing 737-500 and 6 Boeing 737-300 in 2009.

In march 2009 around 9 am the Air Baltic Boeing 737 touches down at Brussels airport after a flight from Riga.

Air Baltic is the only airline which links Riga and Brussels. But in 2009 Brussels airlines has a codeshare agreement with Air Baltic on the flights between Riga and Brussels.

Almost every day of the week two flights are available in 2009:

You can leave Brussels at 9:10 am to arrive in Riga at 12:30 am.

You can return to Brussels at 6:10 pm in Riga to be back in Brussels at 7:35 pm.

Brussels airports

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