This runway is only 2014 meters long and is only used for small aircraft. It is often in occasional use.

Another name for this runway is Fokkerbaan. Dutch Fokker airliners are small aircraft.

Oostbaan is situated at the eastern end of the airport. On this side if the main passngers terminals, the airport is in use by all kind of aviation related industries, like maintenance, cargo, aircraft construction. The road between these buildings is Fokkerweg.

AMSAmsterdam Schiphol Airport

Southeast of Oostbaan are plenty of aircraft hangers and other aviation related buildings. The road between all those buildings is the Fokkerweg.

There is no way to see the other runways from this area called Schiphol Oost (East). But you can see some parked aircraft. On Sundays it's calm and parking lot's aren't full with cars. But many area's here are with restricted acces.

In 2009 expansion of these buildings is also taking place Southeast of Kraagbaan. That's why a good spotters place for Kraagbaan had to disappear in 2008.

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