This is one of the two parallel runways at the western side of the airport. Polderbaan is west of Zwanenburgbaan.

AMSAmsterdam Schiphol Airport

There is of course a taxiway towards Polderbaan and it seems that you can spot the aircraft using that taxiway. Ijweg.

And on the South side of Polderbaan there is an unobstructed view of the the aircraft which you can reach via Vijfhuizenweg.

You have to park your car at the South side of Polderbaan. Then you can walk along the west side of Polderbaan to the North to reach your favorite spot.

Vijfhuizenweg is the road you have to follow (by walking, as parking isn't allowed), as it's parallel to the taxiway to and from Polderbaan. Here you can walk real close to the aircraft. Here is what you will be able to see:


Watch a video of a KLM 747-400 passing by a spot at Vijfhuizenweg on it's way to Polderbaan


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