The Delta Airlines Boeing 777

Delta Airlines Boeing 777 fleet in 2010 will be: 8 777-200ER and 8 777-200LR.

Delta B777-200ER
above: a Delta Airlines Boeing 777-200ER at Amsterdam Schiphol airport in november 2003.

In 2009 the 8 Delta Boeing 777-200ER  can carry 271 passengers, of which 50 are in business seats.

Their engines are Rolls Royce Trent 892.

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Amsterdam Schipholairport (AMS)Amsterdam Schipholairport (AMS)

Delta 777 routes (in 2010):
From Atlanta:

ATL-NRT 10x weekly LR

ATL-TLV daily ER

ATL-DXB daily LR

ATL-JNB daily LR

ATL-FRA daily ER
From Detroit:

DTW-PVG daily ER

DTW-ICN 5x weekly ER

DTW-HKG 5x weekly ER
From Los Angeles:

LAX-SYD daily LR

LAX-NRT 4x weekly LR

JFK-NRT: The 777 will be used on this route until June 2010. Then replaced with the 744.

In 2009 the 777-200ER are around 8 years old. The 777-200LR are brand new. All 16 airliners are owned by Delta Airlines.

The 777-200ERs can carry 271 passengers, of which 50 are in business seats.
The 777-200LRs can carry 278 passengers, of which 46 can have flat bed business seats.

The 777-200ERs have Rolls Royce Trent 892 engines.
The 777-200LRs have GE-90-110B1 engines.

The 777-200ERs can take 32 LD-3 containers in heir cargo hold.
The 777-200LRs can take only 14 LD-3 containers in heir cargo hold.

B 777-200LR

The 777-200ER is an airliner that dates from 1997. The 777-200LR is a more modern longer range version of it with more powerfull GE engines. In 2006 the 777-200LR became the world longest range commercial airliner.

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