KLM Fokker F50 airliners

KLM Fokker F50

above: the last KLM Fokker F50 after take off on Polderbaan (AMS) 7th March 2010.

The last Fokker F50 left the KLM fleet in March 2010.

It seated 50 passengers.

History of the Fokker F50 with KLM

In 2009 KLM was still flying 10 Fokker 50 airliners.

Fokker F27 Friendship

The Fokker F50 is a refinement of the Fokker F27 Friendship which has been in production since 1958. At the end of the F27 production in 1987, Fokker had built 793 F27 Friendship airliners.

The original Rolls-Royce Dart engines were replaced y Pratt and Whitney powerplants. The F50 was tested in 1986 and ten years later, after 213 F50 airliners, production ened in 1996 as the Fokker company went into liquidation.

In total over 1.000 airliners of this type have been produced between 1958 and 1996.

It was intended as a DC-3 replacement.


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