from Atlanta to Seoul

Flighttime around 15 hours 5 minutes

Korean Air seems to offer a daily flight with a Boeing 747-400 from Atlanta (ATL) to Seoul in March 2010.  This flight seems to leave Atlanta around 1:00 pm and arrives in Seoul around 5:00 pm local time the next day. This is flight in daytime, but as you cross the international dateline, you arrive the next day.

The distance between Altanta and Seoul is 7.145 miles or 11.432 km, and the route is westwards against the jetstream. So this is the limit for a Boeing 747-400 and no way a Delta Boeing 767-300ER could make it. In january 2012 the Korean Air Boeing 747-400 was still flying this route. Duration of the flight is 13h 55min. It seems that from February 2012 the flight will be operated with a Korean Air Boeing 777-300ER. Korean Air and Delta are both in the Skyteam alliance and Seoul and Atlanta are their respective headquarters. On top of this daily flight there are 3 more weekly flights with a Korean Air 77-200ER in 2012.
Korean Air Boeing 747-400
above: a Korean Air Boeing 747-400 in 2011 just before landing at London Heathrow.

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