Airports of Berlin
Berlin Schoënefeld airport (SXF)Berlin Schoënefeld airport (SXF)

In 2010 there seem to be 4 adijacent terminals called, A, B,C and D.

Berlin Schonefeld terminal in April 2010

From these terminals you can walk towards the railway station

Berlin Schonefeld airport was the main airport for east Berlin before 1989.

Passengernumbers at this airport increased from 1,6 million in 2002 to 6,6 million in 2008. But still the largest airport of Berlin remains Tegel.

Terminal A has a viewing terras in 2010. Entrance is 2 euro in April 2010 and you have to pass a metal detector.

Terminal B seems the be totally decidated to easyJet in April 2010.

This airport will become Berlin Brandenburg international airport (BBI). In 2010 the new much larger terminal is under construction at the other side of the runay. The new terminal will be in the middle of two runways, as the second runway is also under construction. It will resemble the configuration of Munich airport.

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