Berlin Tegel airport (TXL)Berlin Tegel airport (TXL)
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One hexagon shaped terminal in 2010 and a less special terminal building right next to it. 

Berlin Tegal airport terminal

Berlin Tegel airport (TXL) is the largest airport of Berlin in 2010, serving over 15 million passengers. 

Berlin Tegel Airport (TXL)

Departures: Frankfurt - Munich - Beijing - New York - .... more

Airlines: Lufthansa - Air Berlin

Location: this was the main airport of West Berlin in 2010. It was developed in the 1960ies as modern jets like the Boeing 707 and DC-8 couldn't operate for Berlin Tempelhof airport. In the 1960ies the started the construction of the hexagon shape terminal. Originally they planned for 2 hexagon shape rings, but only one was contracted. The other terminal building became less special.

Bus: In 2010 there seems to be a busservice every 10 minutes which takes 17 minutes to reach the main railwaystation downtown.

Airports of Berlin : Schonefeld (SXF) - Templehof - Brandenbrug (BBI)

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