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Thomas Cook airlines A320 at BRU
BRU (iata              code)Brussels airport
Brussels Zaventem airport is located just North of the city center. This airport offers an amazing mix of flights within Europe and the surrounding areas. On the long haul this airport is famous for it's flights to Black Africa with Brussels airlines.  North American carriers offer plenty of morning flights to their part of the world. The airport is also daily connected with India by Jet Airways and to China by Hainan in 2011. Etihad Airways and Qatar fly to their hubs in the Middle East from Brussels. The airport also serves the Belgian city of Antwerp.

Location:  Brussels airport is located just north of Brussels very close to the city center. 

Departures: The airport has decent daily connections to most capitals and major cities of Europe. Brussels is the headquarters of the European Union. ... more

Airlines: Brussels airlines - Thomas Cook - TUI

Terminals: All passenger facilities are with one area, but the gates are located in two distinct piers A and B, which are connected by a tunnel.

Highways: Brussels airport is located right next to the Brussels ringroad highway.

Country: Brussels airport (BRU) is by far the largest airport in Belgium in 2010.

Railway: A railway station is located under the airport terminal from where you can reach downtow Brussels.

Bus: Once an hour these is a direct dedicated busservice to the city of Antwerp in 2010.


Hotels in Brussels: There is a Sheraton hotel at the airport terminal. Pantone

Climate: Brussels can be visited any time of the year. From May till October you might seen more green from plants, but in winter your rearely see snow. Visit the world ... >>

Brussels is the political center of the European Union and capital of Belgium. See Brussels .... The city also has a great history of business, culture and arts, which are all still reaching excellence today. Officially French and Dutch are the languages of goverment, but English seems to be the most widely used langue in this very international city.
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Antwerp is located 30 miles north of Brussels. See Antwerp ...

European destinations from Brussels airport

United Kingdom:
England: London - Birmingham - Manchester - Liverpool - Scotland: Glasgow - Edinburgh - Ireland: Dublin

Germany: Frankfurt - Berlin - Munich - Stuttgart - Hamburg - Hannover Netherlands: Amsterdam - Austria: Vienna

Italy: Rome - Naples - Venice - Lombardia: Milan - Emilia Romanga: Bologna - Tuscany: Florence

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Scandinavia: Denmark: Copenhagen - Sweden: Stockholm - Norway: Oslo

Baltic States: Estonia: Tallinn - Latvia: Riga

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Delhi Doha Beijing

Beirut Amman
Abu Dhabi

Casablanca Tunis

Addis Ababa

New York Atlanta

Montreal Toronto

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