Brussels - Budapest

Malev Hungarian offers at least one flight a day between Brussels Zaventem Airport (BRU) Budapest  in 2009.

Malev Hungarian Boeing 737-700

Above: HA-LOP (registration mark) is a Boeing 737-700.

On Satuday 19th September 2009 a Boeing 737-600 leaves Brussels airport at 10:05 am in 2009.

On Sunday 20th September 2009 a Boeing 737-700 arrives at Brussels airport at 7:35 pm in 2009.

The price for this return flight booked at Malev's website in august was 101 euro everything included. This seemed to be the cheapest return fare avaible.

In October 2009 Malev used one of their 5 Fokker F-70 airliners on the route.

Wizz Air
They offer flights between Brussels South Charleroi airport (CLR) and Budapest (BUD) Terminal 1 in 2009. These flights with an A320 on an almost daily basis its seems.

the return flight from Budapest to Brussels

WizzAir A320
In 2009 WizzAir also flies to Budapest from Eindhoven Airport (EIN). Wizz Air is a low cost carrier, and prices for a retun flight between Brussels and Budapest have been sometimes around 25 euro for a return ticket all included.

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