TURKISH AIRLINES 2011 Frequency is fine. They seem to offer exactly 3 daily flights all year round. Problem with them is the price. They won't sell a return ticket cheaper than around 250 euro. Second problem is when you try to book only a few weeks in advance. Then they still sell tickets for around 250 euro, but only the flights on the most inconvenient travel times will be available for this price. The other flights will be up to twice as expensive.

Above: a TURKISH AIRLINES AirbusA330-200 in 2010 at Brussels airport.

Brussels airlines seems to offer no flights in 2011.

Distance is 2.179 km or 1.362 miles.

Turkish airlines offers around 3 flights a day between Brussels Zaventem Airport (BRU) and Istanbul(IST) in 2009. Often they use their Boeing 737-800 in this route. Above: a Turkish airlines Boeing 737-800. Only during the Summer season during the school holidays when families fly to Turkey for the Holidays, Turkish airlines uses their larger Airbus A330-200 long haul airliners on this route. 

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