Distance between Brussels Airport and Lisbon (Portugal) is 1.720 km or 1.075 miles.

Tap A320

TAP Portugal flies from Brussels Zaventem Airport (BRU) to Lisbon (LIS) in 2010. Above: a TAP Portugal Airbus A320 at Brussels airport (BRU) Saturdaymorning 30th January 2010. In January 2010 there was snowfall in Brussels. This is a rather exceptional situation at the aiport happening only a few times a year at maximum.
In many 2010 there seems to be a daily flight leaving Brussels at 12:20 noon. The airbus A321 is used on at least some of these flights. 
Price of a return ticket Brussels-Lisbon. 
Departure 12:20 noon 22nd May 2010 in Brussels. Return leaving Lisbon 24th May 2010 2:50 pm. When booked march 2010: 291 euro.

Return flight from Lisbon to Brussels


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