Brussels - Lubljana

Adria offers flights between Brussels Zaventem Airport (BRU) and Lubljana in 2009.

Adria is the national airline of Slovenia. Slovenia was part of Yugoslavia. It's located near Venice in Italy.

Lubljana is the cpaital of Slovenia. It's a small city with only 280.000 citizens in 2009.

Adria CRJ-900 in Brussels
Above: an ADRIA Canadair CRJ-900 at Brussels Zaventem Airport (BRU) in october 2009.

The ADRIA Canadair CRJ-900 have a seating capacity of 86 and their range is 3.660 km.

Adria airways seems to have a fleet consisting of the following airliners in 2009:
- 2 Airbus A320 seating 162
- 4 Canadair CRJ-900 seating 86
- 6 Canadair CRJ-200 seating 48 or 50
- 1 Canadair CRJ-100 (leased)
- 1 Boeing 737-500 seating 112 (leased)
Which makes a total of 15 jets each seating between 48 and 162 passengers.
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