from Brussels to New York
with Jet Airways
Jet Airways Airbus A330-200
above: Jet Airways Airbus A330-200

Jet Airways plans to fly daily from Brussels airport (BRU) to New York (JFK) in may 2010 with an Airbus A330-200 in May 2010. Flight 9W 226 leaves Brussels at 10:10 am and arrives in New York JFK at 12:15 (noon).

When booked in November 2009, a return on flight 9W 226 with a Saturday night in New York seem to cost 473 euro. Which is exactly the same fare as Continental airlines and American Airlines. But Jet Airways seems to split the return fare in two one way fares, but when you try to book the flight one way, price goes up to 812 euro?

Jet Airways also plans to fly from Brussels airport (BRU) to New York Newark airport (EWR) in may 2010. The airliner will also be an Airbus A330-200. Flight number is 9W 228. And these flights leave Brussels daily at 10:05 am with arrival at New York Newark airport (EWR) at 12:25 am (noon). But the price for this flight (including a return) seems to be slightly higher (523 euro). This includes maybe an Airline Congestion Charge.
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