Scandinavian MD-81

Seats 150 passengers and has a range of 1.400 km.
In 2009 only 2 MD-81 are in the Scandinavian fleet.

The Sas MD-81 at Brussels airport in 2009. See inside.

The McDonnell Douglas DC-9-81 (MD-81) is an improved version of the DC-90.

Also at Amsterdam Schiphol airport you can find the Scandinavian MD-81. In 2009 Scandinavian airlines has only 2 MD-81 in their fleet.

Scandinavian airlines


In 2009 Scandinavian has 34 MD-82, with a range of 2.400 km.

In 2009 Scandinavian has 6 MD-87. These 6 MD-87 have a maximum range of 3.000 km but are shorter and can seat only 125 passengers, with a fuel consumption of 0,046 l/seat km. These are 39,80 m long.

The Scandinavian MD-81 and MD-82 seat 150 passengers and both have a fuel consumption of 0,041 l/seat km. Both have a lenght of 45,10 m. But the MD-82 has a range of 2.400 km thanks to more powerfull engines, more fuel capacity (and a higher weight). The MD-81 has a range of only 1.400 km. The MD-81/82 are around 1/5th less fuel efficient than the Boeing 737-800.

In 1980 the first improved DC-9 airliners entered service. In 1999 the production of the MD-80/81/82/83 range of airliners ceased.

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