Tunisair A300-600R

Airbus A300-600
Above: one of the 3 Tunisair Airbus A300-600 R. Brussels Airport (BRU) November 2009.
The name of the airliner above with registration mark TS-IPA is Sidi Bou Said.

Tunisair has 3 Airbus A300-600 in 2009. Each has 28 Business seats and 235 economy seats. These 3 airliners have been delivered in 1989 and 1990.

Tunisair fleet in november 2008.

The Airbus A300-600 R

This is a heavier version (375,884 lb or 170,5 t) with increased range (7,700 km or 4,150 nm).

It was introduced in 1987.

The A300-600 R for passengers was later used to develop the A300-600F for freight. The last one was introduced in 1993.

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