CAICairo International Airport
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The airport has 3 terminals in 2010.

Terminal 1 is quite a distance from terminals 2 and 3, which are adiacent.

Terminal 3
has 23 gates in 2009. It's brand new in 2009. It is adjacent to terminal 2. October 2004: a Turkish firm is going to build Cairo International Airport third passenger terminal for 350 million US dollar, which is covered by a 335 million dollar loan from the World Bank. Nearly 50 per cent of Egypt's passenger traffic is passing through Cairo International Airport which has a maximum capacity of nine million passengers and is not equipped to absorb additional traffic. December 2004 a contract was given to Fraport AG (a German company) to manage the airport for 8 years. A 5-star hotel is planned to be build just in front of terminal 3.

Terminal 2: It's adiacent to terminal 3. When terminal 2 needed expansion they build terminal 3.

Terminal 1: There will be an automated people mover between terminal 1 and terminals 2/3 in 2010. Terminal 1 is still in action in 2010, but terminals 2and 3 combined are larger. They even have connected an air mall to terminal 2. The hotels with pools (Novotel, Ibero) at the airport are within walking distance of that air mall.

In 1998 some 7'116'026 passengers used the airport.

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