CAICairo International Airport
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Cairo - Addis Ababa

Flighttime: 3 hours 45 minutes

Egypt Air

Egypt Air offers around 5 flights a week between Cairo (CAI) and Addis Ababa in the Summer of 2009.

Departure in Cairo is at 11:30 pm

Arrival in Addis Ababa is at 3:15 am local time the next day.

The aircraft used on these flights is often an Airbus A320.

Flightnumber MS 851.

Ethiopian fleet

Ethiopian flight ET 453 flies from Cairo via Khartoum to Addis Addis Ababa in the Summer of 2009. This flight is with a Boeing 737-800 and it seems to be on a daily basis.

Departure of fllight ET 453 in Cairo is at 3:20 am. Arrival in Addis Ababa is only at 8:15 am local time. This flight takes longer because it makes a stop in Khartoum.

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