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Casablanca airport is the largest airport of Morocco and home of Royal Air Maroc. Around 7 million passengers used the two main terminals in 2010. Casablanca is the largest city of Morocco. It's a port city and located near Rabat, which is the capital.


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Casablanca Mohammed V international airport (CMN)

Terminals: 3 terminals in 2010. In 2010 most flights are from Terminal 2, as terminal 3 is very small and terminal 1 is under renovation.

Hotels: Atlas hotel, a subsidiary of RAM

Location: The airport is located 30 km from the city center.

Railway: there is a railway station at the airport with an express service to the railwaystation downtown. In 2010 there is a service once every hour.

Airlines: Royal Air Maroc (RAM)

: Barcelona

Passenger traffic: around 6 or 7 million in 2010

Capacity: terminal 2: 6 million (2012); terminal 1: 5 million (2012); terminal 3: 400.000 (2012).

Casablanca: this largest city of Morocco, was destined to become the largest city of a French colonial empire. In 2013 you can see the remains of art nouveau architecture. Instead of becoming this world class city which is was destined to become by the French, Casablanca was the first city on eath to have a bidonville.

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