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SAS Scandinavian has most of it's long haul fleet based in Copenhagen. They fly 8 Airbus A340-300 and 4 A330-300 (with 4 extra A330-300 on order) in november 2014. They fly most of these airlines with 264 seats, of which 195 are economy and 34 business sleeper seats. Their destinations have included over the years: Washington (2014), New York, San Francisco (2014), Seattle (2004), Chicago (2004 and 2014), Tokyo Narita (2014), Shanghai (2014),

Norwegian also flies long haul from this airport. Bangkok, Dubai, Los Angeles and Fort Lauderdale (Florida, near Miami) are destination of Norwegian in 2014. These flights aren't daily in 2014, but you can have connecting flights at other Scandinavian airports were Norwegian flies from.


USA: New York - Chicago - San Francisco - Washington - Los Angeles (Norwegian 2014) - Fort Lauderdale (Noregian 2014).



Dubai: Dubai (with Norwegian or Emirates)

Qatar: Doha (with Qatar)


China: Shanghai

Japan: Tokyo (Narita)

Singapore: Singapore

Thailand: Bangkok


Belgium: Brussels

France: Nice

many: Frankfurt - Munich - Dusseldorf

Emirates is active here from Dubai in 2014

Pakistan int. airways flies here from Isalamabad in 2014.

Qatar airways
: flies here in 2014 from Doha.

Singapore airlines flies here probably daily in 2014.

Thai airways flies here probably daily from Bangkok in 2014. They do so since many years. They are a Star Alliance member, as is Scandinavian.

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