from Copenhagen to Bangkok

Flighttime around 10 hours 35 minutes

Thai 747-400
above: Thai 747-400 in CPH in 2004

Thai airways international seems to have a daily flight from from Copenhagen (CPH) to Bangkok (BKK) with a Boeing 747-400 in 2009.


Scandinavian airlines seems to have 6 flights a week from Copenhagen (CPH) to Bangkok (BKK) with an Airbus A340-300 in 2009.

With over 372.000 passengers in 2012, this was the busiest intercontinental route at Copenhagen airport.

BKK (iata)Bangkok

return flight: from Bangkok to Copenhagen

Thai airways international flight TG 951 leaves Copenhagen around 2:00 pm in 2009, with arrival around 6:30 am local time in Bangkok in 2009.

Scandinavian airlines flight SK 973 leaves Copenhagen around 10:50 pm, with arrival in Bangkok around 3:25 pm local time the next day in 2009.

Norwegian seems to have the Dreamliner 787-8 on this route in 2014. They seem to leave Copenhagen around 3 pm. Thai is certainly also still active on this route in 2014.

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