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Copenhagen Kastrup airport is located near the city center wich can be reached by metro. In 2011 the aiport is the long haul base of Scandinavian Airlines. Over 23 million passengers used the airport in 2012.

Copenhagen Kastrup
        airport (CPH)Copenhagen Kastrup airport (CPH)
Location: 8,5 km from the city center.

Metro: very conventienty connected to the city center by automatic metro (no driver).

Railway: also connected to the Danish railway system and central station with a railway station at the airport terminal.

Comments: everything is clean, safe, pleasant and well done. Scandinavian.

Airlines: Scandinavian, transavia

Country:  is the largest airport of Denmark in 2010.

Hotel: there is a Hilton hotel (2010) withing short walking distance of terminal 3.

Departures: Stockholm - Oslo - ... more


Copenhagen is the largest city and capital of Denmark since many centuries. May, June and July are probably the best time of the year for a visit. Winters are dark here. The Summers can be wet. See Copenhagen ... Denmark is a safe, clean and well organised country, where you can admire human excellence and happyness.
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SAS MD in Copenhagen

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