Scandinavian MD-81

Scandinavian MD-81
Above: a Scandinavian MD-81 in 2009 after a flight from Brussels to Copenhagen in 2009.

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See the back side of this airliner in Brussels. In 2009 Scandinavia airlines flies just 2 MD-81. But they also still fly 34 MD-82.

The MD 80/81/82/83 series is based on the DC-9. They are a bit longer, and have different engines and wing, but the design of the front of the airliner is still that of the DC-9.

The MD-81 and MD-82 are both 45,10 m long and seat both 150 passengers with Scandinavian. Their fuel consumption is 0,041 l/seat km for both MD-81 and MD-82.

The difference between the MD-81 and MD-82 is the range. The MD-81 has only 1.400 km while the MD-82 has 2.400 km of range, thanks to more powerful engines.

Copenhagen Kastrup airport (CPH)Copenhagen Kastrup airport (CPH)

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