from Dubai to Sydney

Emirates offers 2 daily non-stop flights from Dubai (DXB) to Sydney in 2012. One with their Airbus A380 and one with their Boeing 777-300ER. These flights take 13h 45min to cover the distance of 11.985 km or 7.491 miles.

Emirates seem to have 2 A380 flights a day in 2014. On top of that there seems to be a 3th flight with an Emirates Boeing 777-300ER. There is also a flight to Sydney with Emirates via a stop in Bangkok.

Besides flights to Sydney, Emirates also seems to serve Melboune twice daily with an A380 in 2014. As these daily flights take over 12 hours, and they have at least 4 A380 going to these two cities, it's a considerable part of the total of 56 Airbus A380 Emirates has in operation in december 2014 (with 84 extra on order).

Emirates average fleet utilisation is less than 14 hours a day. So, I would say that to serve these these two cities - Sydney and Melbourne - with 2 daily fllights Emirates needs 8 of their 56 A380 airlines or 1/7th of the total A380's in their fleet in december 2014.

QANTAS is also active on this route in 2014. They seem to be flying one A380 daily.
DXB (IATA code)Dubai international airport
Emirates A380

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