DUS (IATA code)Dusseldorf
          international airport

Dusseldorf - Paris

Air France has around 4 daily flights between Dusseldorf international (DUS) and Paris Charles De Gaulle (CDG) airport. The largest airliner on these daily flights seems to be the Airbus A320. But also the smaller A318, Fokker F100 or Embraer 190 have been used on the route by Air France in 2009.

Flighttime between Dusseldorf and Paris is 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Air France
          Regional Embraer 190

Above: an Air France Embraer E-190 airliner on a Sunday afternoon at Dusseldorf international airport in September 2009.

Embraer 190
In September 2009 Air France Regional seems to fly 9 Embraer E-190 airliners.

These E-190 have 100 seats in 25 rows. The airliner is 36,25 meter long.

The range of the E-190 is 2.200 NM or 4.000 km.

The fuel consumption per seat is 3,89 l/100 km.

Fokker 100
In September 2009 Air France Regional seems to fly 7 Fokker 100 airliners.

These F-100 also have 100 seats by in less rows as they seat 5 in a row. The lenght of the Fokker 100 is 35,53 m which is almost the same as the E-190.

But the range of the F-100 is only 1.200 NM or 2.200 km.

The fuel consumption per seat is higher with 4,39 l/100 km.

Alternative by train
It's also possible in 2009 to travel from Dusseldorf to Paris by train. First you would have to get to Cologne main railway station. That takes 20 minutes from Dusseldorf. From Cologne you will be able to catch a direct high-speed Thalys train all the way to Paris Gare du Nord. This traject goes via Brussels.


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