Airports of Florence in Italy

The city of Florence has it's own airport but it's very small in 2009. But the city of Florence is also connected by rail to the airport of nearby Pisa.

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Florence Peretola (FLR)

This is a very small airport near the city of Florence, but it has no rail link to the city center in 2009.

Runway Elevation : 144 ft - Longitude : 11 12 18 E - Latitude : 43 48 36 N


Pisa Galileo Galilei airport (PSA)

Airport website: Pisa airport

This airport is linked to the Florence city center by rail.

Runway Elevation : 9 ft. - Longitude : 10 24 0 E - Latitude : 43 41 0 N

Pisa airport is only three kilometres and ten minutes by car from the city centre. It is therefore easy to reach, whether by bus, train, taxi or car.

Pisa airport has a train station just 40 metres from the terminal. Trains depart here for the city centre every hour. For further details, please consult the local timetables. You can take a train to Florence.


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