Lufthansa Boeing 747-400

Lufthansa still has it's fleet of 30 Boeing 747-400 airliners in 2010.

They are all based at Frankfurt airport.

These jumbojets fly according to a daily shedule to long haul destinations in december 2010:

10 destinations in the Americas: Buenos Aires - Sao Paulo - Mexico City - Los Angeles - San Francisco - Houston - Miami - Chicago - Washington - New York

7 destinations in Asia: Dubai - Mumbai - Delhi - Singapore - Hong Kong - Shanghai - Beijing

1 destination in Africa: Cape Town

Lufthansa needs around 30 Boeing 747-400 airliners to fly the 18 daily routes mentioned above.

The total seating capacity of a Lufthansa Boeing 747-400 is 390 seats.

The following daily flights have been changed to a Airbus A380-800 airliner:

Tokyo and Johannesburg

The Lufthansa A380-800 seats 426 passengers.

Some other daily routes from Frankfurt are served with the Airbus A340-600:

Osaka (KIX) - Chennai (MAA) - Denver

The Lufthansa A340-600 seats 304 passengers.

Some other daily routes from Frankfurt seem to be seved with the Airbus A330-300:

Detroit - Dallas

The Lufthansa A330-300 seats 221 passengers.

New York is a special destination from Frankfurt with 4 daily flights by Lufthansa using:

B747-400 - A330-300 - A340-300 - A340-600

Most of these intercontinental destinations are also served by Lufthansa from Munich with smaller widebody airliners.

Besides the long haul flights the Lufthansa Boeing 747-400 also fly the route between Frankfurt and Tel Aviv daily and ... the route Frankfurt - Berlin Tegel (TXL). Besides all these daily routes, the 747-400 also fly a few times a week to Bangkok.

In 2010 the Boeing 747-400 is the core of the Lufthansa long haul fleet in Frankfurt, but with three Airbus A380-800 in service in 2010, some Boeing 747-400 became jobless and Lufthansa decided to used them on high density internal flights between Fankfurt and Hamburg, Berlin Tegel or Munich. One of the 30 B747-400 was stored in Hamburg in 2010 with tape around the doors.

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