Helsinki - Shanghai

Finnair has a daily flight with one of the Airbus A340-300 aircraft in the summer of 2009.


The flight (AY 57) leaves in Helsinki at 5:10 pm. Arrival in Shanghai is at 7:10 am the next day after a 9 hour flight.

The flight back (AY 58) takes 10 hours 10 minutes and leaves Shanghai at 9:40 am and it arrives in Helsinki at 2:50 pm the same day.

As you can see the aircraft is ready for a next trip to Shanghai as it's in Helsinki in the afternoon of the next day. So with one Airbus A340-300 Finnair can make offer a daily flight to Shanghai.

For passengers the late afternoon departure allowes them to arrive in Helsinki with the Finnair European network. And after the early afternoon arrival from Shanghai they can take a connecting flight home, without having the sleep in a hotel in Helsinki.

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