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Saudi Arabian
has a considerable widebody fleet in 2014, but they don't fly daily long haul to many destinations. Their widebodies are also used on short haul flights.

They do serve some long haul destination, but often 3 times a week, with a similar flight to Riyadh.

From Jeddah there seem to be 3 weekly filghts to New York and to Los Angeles non-stop in 2014. From New York they seem to hop over to Washington. They use their 777-300ER or 777-200ER on these flights in 2014.
There are 23 Boeing 777-200ER and 12 Boeing 777-300ER in 2014.
The flights to London are also with Airbus A330-300, of which model they fly 16.
Their 16 Boeing 747-400 are not mainline, but also flying for other airlines.




- USA: New York - Washington - Los Angeles


- France: Paris

- Germany: Frankfurt

- UK: London

British airways flies here in 2014.

Lufthansa flies here from Frankfurt in 2014.

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