from Jeddah to Algiers

Saudi Arabian Airlines

Saudi Arabian airlines flies a few times a week a Boeing 747-100 between Jeddah (JED) and Algiers (ALG) in the Summer of 2009. Flightnumber SV 341, flies on tuesdays and leaves Jeddah at 11:50 am, and arrives in Algiers at 3 pm local time. Flightnumber SV 343, flies on Sunday and leaves Jeddah at 6:40 pm, and arrives in Algiers at 9:50 pm local time.

In 2010 there seems to be just one flight a week. Flightnumber is SV 375. It leaves Jeddah (JED) at 11:30 am and arrives in Algiers (ALG) at 2:40 pm. Price for this flight seems to be almost 300 euro for a one-way ticket. This flight seems to be with a 777-200ER. And it seems that flight SV 375 continues it's route to Casablanca (CMN).

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