Jeddah - Kuala Lumpur

Flighttime 8 hours 55 minutes

Saudi Arabian Airlines

Saudi Arabian airlines has a few flights a month non-stop between Jeddah and Kuala Lumpur (KUL) during the Summer fof 2009. The flightnumbers are SV 832 and SV 3832.

Often the flight leaves Jeddah around 11 pm and arrival in Kuala Lumpur is around 1 pm local time the next day after a flight of 8 hours 50 minutes.

The aircraft is a Boeing 747-300 or 747-400.

In november 2010 they charge 347 US dollar for a one way ticket on this flight in march 2010 on their website. Return that ticket will cost you almost 700 US dollar, so they clearly don't charge extra for the one way.

Malaysia airlines

With Malaysia airlines there are 4 flights a week from Jeddah to Kuala Lumpur in the Summer of 2009.

Departure in Jeddah is at 9 pm.

Arrival in Kuala Lumpur is at 10:55 am local time the next day.

Distance between Jeddah and Kuala Lumpur
7.072 km
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