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from Khartoum by airplane to :

Jeddah Addis Ababa
in 1 h 40 min
in 2 h 50 min
in 2 h 45 min
Abu Dhabi
in 3 h 35 min
in 3 h 40 min
London Amsterdam Frankfurt

Khartoum Civil (KRT)

This airport is located very close to the city center of Kharthoum (1 mile)
Airlines: Sudan airways:

There are plans to open a new airport 40 km from the city center. But in 2008 there seem to be only 33 sheduled flights a week at the airport to major cities in Africa, the Middle East and a few in Europe.

In 2006 the airport has one runway of almost 3000m at an elevation of 386m.

In 1986 an arrivals terminal opened. It was nice then. It can handle 2 flights. Terminals are small. But in 2005 nothing had changed to the terminal.

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