Kinshasa airport page

Two airports serve Kinshasa: Ndjili International Airport and Ndolo Airport.

flying from Kinshasa to:

Lagos Luanda Libreville Yaounde Nairobi

in 4 hours

Addis Abeba



Ndjili International Airport (FIH)

Airlines: Hewa Bora Airways (, (2006), Brussels Airlines (Sabena).

In 2004, the airport served 516,345 passengers. There is one runway, which is 4,700 m long. Elevation 313m (1,026ft) - Position: 42309"S and 152640"E

Check-in is complicated in 2007, in order to sustain a few 'unofficial' payments.

The airport once was one of the largest in Africa.


Ndolo Airport

This airport is snaller than Ndjili.


Maya Maya Airport

This international airfield is located in nearby Brazzaville (at the other side of the Zaire river in another country).

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