IBERIA Airbus A319

In 2009 IBERIA seem to fly 24 Airbus A319 airliners.  The IBERIA Airbus A319 airliners seem to seat 141 passengers.

IBERIA Airbus A319

Above: an IBERIA A319 at Terminal 4 at Madrid Barajes airport. December 2009.


IBERIA seems to fly 22 Airbus A319 airliners in November 2008 with none extra on order. By 2009 that number seems to have increased to 24 airliners of this type.

The A319 airliners usually have only one exit door above each wing.
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The IBERIA Airbus A320, A319 and A321 fleet connects Madrid Barajas (MAD) with other major cities and airports in Europe, like Brussels, Rome, Frankfurt, Munich, Dusseldorf, Paris, Amsterdam, ...


An IBERIA Airbus A320 typically seats 162 passengers in a 2 class configuration (Economy Class and Business Class).

The A320 airliners have 2 exit doors in a pair above each wing.


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