IBERIA A340-600

In 2009 IBERIA seem to fly 13 Airbus A340-600 airliners.  

IBERIA A340-600

These IBERIA A340-600 airliners can fly 12,700 km with 353 passengers.
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The Airbus A340-600 has 4 engines. With a lenght of 74,80 meter they are longer than a Jumbo Jet.

IBERIA uses these airliners on it's long haul routes, which are mainly flights from Madrid to the American continent, with a focus on destinations in Latin America (Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, Equador, Peru, Argentina, Chili, ...)

It seems that IBERIA had 12 Airbus A340-600 in it's fleet in november 2009 and one more in december 2009. That's possible because in november 2009 they seem to had 10 extra on order.

After 2006 deliveries of any of the 4 variants of the A340 dried up, with only 10 deliveries (down from 33 in 2003).

But already in July 2006 IBERIA seems to have had 13 A340-600 in it's fleet. But one airliner was probably lost after an accident on a runway in South America.

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