from Malaga to Manchester by air

AGP (IATA code)Malaga international airport
Ryanair seems to offer at least one daily flight from  f from Malaga (AGP) to Manchester in June 2012. They fly it with their Boeing 737-800. Some daysof the week they offer two daily direct flights.They seem to leave Malaga often late in the eveing with arrival in Manchester just before midnight. Even during the Winter of 2012 there seems to be at least one daily flight on this route with Ryanair.
              Airbus A321 is also active on the route in 2012. They also seem to offer at least one daily flight and some days two daily flights. They fly their Airbus A321 on the route. In 2012 Manchester is the largest base of Monarch. With 16 Airbus A321 on a fleet of 32 airliners, the A321 is the core of the fleet in 2012. They each seat 214 passengers.

In 2012 Monarch still flies 3 Boeing 757-200 each seating 229 passengers. These airliners are planned to be retiered by Summer 2014.

Other airliners in the Monarch fleet in March 2012 are: 4 Airbus A300-600R (seating 352 passengers), 7 Airbus A320 (seating 174 passengers) and 2 long-haul Airbus A330-200 airliners having a two class seating of 51 and 307 passengers (seating 358 passengers).

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